Visit Vanessa House's New Taproom and Brewing Facility!

Vanessa House Beer Co. has officially moved into their new taproom and brewing facility on NW 8th street. We're excited to have our brew roots officially planted in OKC, and we look forward to spending even more time with the great beer fans of Oklahoma!

118 NW 8th St
OKC, OK 73102
Monday – Thursday
12pm – 11pm

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About VHBC

Who is Vanessa and why is everyone obsessed with her house? The distilled version is that its a house on Vanessa Drive in Norman, OK. It’s the house where 5 friends formed a lifetime bond and were first exposed to craft beer. We love it when new and old friends alike come together with a great beer in hand, so it only made sense to name our beer company after the Vanessa House.

Justin Wright

Do you wanna meet someone who's awkward and loves beer? Meet Justin, aka, The Big Awkward. Justin was born and raised in Oklahoma and serves as co-owner and Taproom Manager at Vanessa House Beer Company. Brewing great beer with his four lifelong friends is his passion. He looks forward to delivering tasty brews and wowing you with his extensive Star Wars knowledge because his wife and dogs want him to make friends.

Andrew Carrales

Andrew likes to drink his beer in the company of good friends, mainly because he was told drinking alone reading comic books makes him look sad. On a more serious note, Andrew was born and raised in Oklahoma and is now lucky enough to run a brewery with his four longtime friends. He heads up Sales and Marketing for Vanessa House Brewing Company, and looks forward to meeting new craft beer fans.

Zac Smith

You ever have that friend that just annoys the whole group, but no one has the heart to tell them? Well imagine starting a business with them, because that’s how the rest of the crew feels about Zac. Raised in “God’s Country” (McLoud, Oklahoma), Zac enjoys telling the rest of the group that “this whole brewery thing is gonna backfire," and it's because of this cautious nature and business sense that he's the Chief Executive Officer of Vanessa House Brewing Company.

Nick White

Born and raised in Denton, Texas, Nick came to Oklahoma in 2004 to pursue a degree in architecture at OU. After graduating, Nick remained in Oklahoma and began his career, met a girl, and started brewing craft beer with his boys. Years later Vanessa House Beer Company was formed, with Nick serving as head of Community Relations and Media.

Evan Smith

Making the rest of the VHBC crew look good. That is Evan's primary role in the company. You may not see this hermit at any events because he is usually in bed or too grumpy at that late of an hour, but he enjoys working behind the scenes to get the beer ready for everyone to drink.

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